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Take-Out Only @Stafford House of Pizza

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

On March 24 I started working on a project called Take Out Only in response to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on restaurants in my area. In my work as a food photographer, I work with a lot of restaurants, both established and new. This is a huge hit for them. When most restaurants fail in the first year, something like this can put even a restaurant that has been in business for years out of The impact of this virus has touched so many industries, my own included.

I wanted to bring attention to the places that I've worked with, and the ones that I have never even been to. To let people know what they're dealing with, how they're still

operating, what they're doing to stay safe, both for themselves and their customers. Using what I can out of my talent set, this is my way of saying thank you, we know you're struggling, how can I help.

Last Wednesday I stopped by Stafford House of Pizza. My BFF Kathy lives in Stafford and we've had take out from SHP before. It's located in Stafford Village, which is really small and quaint. I think they're pretty busy most of the time, so I wanted to see how they were doing with the takeout only move. Happy and George, brothers and owners, were very happy to have me stop by and give a shout out to them. They work super hard, the entire staff does.

If you're in the area, they have really good pizza and super reasonable prices!

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